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 WIFI is available free of charge in all rooms. You can use it comfortably in your room or living room.

snacks, alcohol
soft drink sales

Snacks, liquor,We have soft drinks.

wide variety of board games

You can enjoy various board games, from classic ones to rare ones you have never seen before.

free parking

​Free parking available

You can come in and out 24 hours a day.

free parking

​Free parking available

You can come in and out 24 hours a day.

All rooms in our accommodation
It will be a Japanese-style room with a shared bath and toilet.
We use Japanese futon.
​There are no rooms with beds.

[I want you to spend a different time than usual]
With that in mind, we do not have a TV in our inn.

・Standard room (1 to 2 people): 4 rooms
・Hammock room (3-4 people): 2 rooms
・Family room (5~6 people): 1 room

See photo below

Events / whole building charter (up to 22 people) are welcome!
(Please contact us by email or phone)

Standard room
(Three rooms in the entire building)

With mountain or forest view

in a standard room
You can relax

Maximum 1-2 people per room

hammock room
(Three rooms in the entire building)


privacy in the room
Hammock for a view outside
Relax while having fun
You can have a good time.

You can make a reservation from 3 people
Up to 3-4 people per room


centrefamily room
(Limited to one room in the whole building)


Reservations possible from a minimum of 5 people

(For infants without futons and meals,not included)

in-room privacy
hammock and sofa
While enjoying the forest scenery in a wide space
You can spend a relaxing time here.

Up to 6 people per room

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