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Surrounding sightseeing


1 minute walk to bus stop

Hirayu Onsen, Kamikochi
Shinhotaka Ropeway
Goshikigahara Forest
Takayama City


All within 30 minutes by car

​ Located in a good location

With a hammock ​ surrounded by the Hida Mountains
All guest rooms are private rooms (shared toilets and baths)

Free on-site parking and free WIFI

Kamikochi, Norikura, Goshikigahara and Honokidaira Ski Resort

​ Located in a good location [within 15 minutes]

[I want you to spend a different time than usual]

With that in mind, we do not have a TV in our inn.

Board games, bonfires, starry skies

Enjoy a special moment

The room

Shared bath/toilet

It will be a Japanese-style room with tatami mats

・Standard room: 3 rooms
・Hammock room:   3room
・Family room: 1 room

Whole building charter (up to 22 people)
Welcome (please contact us by email)



Limited to 1 group per day

Only here in Hida Takayama!
You can enjoy the BBQ empty-handed

Authentic glamping tent

Under the starry sky

a bonfiresurround

You can spend a special time with your friends and loved ones.


Cocomock Guest House 

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