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Limited to one group per day
You can enjoy the BBQ empty-handed
​Full glamping
​ Located in an area surrounded by lush trees on high mountains
Guest house "Kokomoku"

Next to it, it will be the first in Takayama
A new full-fledged glamping tent where you can enjoy BBQ empty-handed

When you leave the tent, the vast Hida Mountains spread out in front of you.

On a clear night, while swinging in a hammock
Enjoy the starry sky, surround the bonfire
You can spend a special time with your friends and loved ones.
In the tent, of course, there are outlets
It has all the necessary facilities such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi.
You can enjoy full-fledged and comfortable glamping empty-handed.

There are 2 single beds and 1 double bed, inside the tent
​The size is over 11 tatami mats, so you can relax in a spacious room.
Starting with high-class Hida beef, a specialty of Hida Takayama,
A full-fledged charcoal BBQ where you can enjoy various meats and seasonal vegetables
You can enjoy it empty-handed.

There is a roof (tarp), so you can enjoy BBQ comfortably even on rainy days.
*In case of bad weather (strong winds), Hida beef will be grilled on a ceramic plate at the indoor restaurant.
Authentic charcoal BBQ dinner
american breakfast
An experience that can only be found here.
¥800/1 bundle of firewood
Enclose a bonfire with friends and loved ones
You can spend a special time.
[Roasted marshmallow]
¥300/skewer (2 extra large marshmallows per skewer)
Super giant marshmallows from America
The taste of grilled over an open fire is exceptional!
¥500〜¥1000 (Bringing your own is welcome!)
Enclose a bonfire with friends and loved ones
You can spend a special time.
[Hammock x perfect starry sky]
while swinging in a hammock
​Enjoy the perfect starry sky!
◆ Accommodation fee ◆
25000 yen/person for 2 people
19,800 yen/person 3 to 5 people when making a reservation
10000 yen/person Children aged 3-5
5000 yen/person   Children aged 2 to 0 (without futon and meals)

* Elementary school students will be charged the same as adults
◆ Policy ◆
Check-in 15:00~22:00
Checkout  10:00

If you arrive after 22:00, please contact us in advance.
Please contact us.
*Last check-in with meals is at 18:00.
*Cancellation fee will be 100% from 1 week before the stay.
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