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​Sightseeing spot around the inn


Hirayu Onsen (15 minutes by car)

In Okuhida Onsen Village at the northern foot of Mt. Norikura
A town of hot springs that has prospered since ancient times as a gateway.

33 sourcesthere is
Abundant hot water of 7575 liters gushes out every minute.
There is also a footbath with hot springs nearby.
There are plenty of places to see such as Hirayu Otaki.

Honokidaira Ski Resort (3 minutes by car)

A ski resort located just 3 minutes by car from our inn.

The slopes at an altitude of 1,550m have course variations

Abundant, from beginners to experts
To enjoy
I can.
The snow quality is the same powder as Hokkaido, and it is an uncompacted snow area.

It's also very refreshing and fun!

​There is also a day-use hot spring within the ski area.


Kamikochi (18 minutes by bus from Hirayu)

So much that it was called "God land"

A mysterious and beautiful place.

About 1 hour from full-scale mountain climbing
from hiking
to camp
Various ways to enjoy!

Entering the Kamikochi area

Mid-April to November 15th.

Shinhotaka Ropeway (35 minutes by car)

JapanFirst double-decker gondola

Above the clouds at an altitude of 2,200 meters.

Northern Alps (Hida Mountains))
The magnificent scenery spreads out.

​ is open all year round,
You can enjoy different scenery depending on the four seasons!


Goshikigahara (by car)5 minutes)

The Norikura volcano, which began its activity around 200,000 years agoThe bedrock was formed by lava flows, columnar jointsRock walls, many waterfalls, mountain streams, ponds and wetlandsSet in a diverse natural environment,
complex and magnificent
Nature is nurtured, animals and plantsnearbycan be observed.
(Advance reservations are required.
Please check the official website. )


Bear Ranch (20 minutes by car)

More than 100 animals such as Tsuki no Wakuma
A bear ranch where you can meet bears.
begging with sexual gestures

Forget the time by feeding the bears

You can interact with bears.

​You can also take a picture with the cub.


Gattan Go (by car60 minutes)

Like being shaken by a train with a rattle

Along with a comfortable rhythm, the wind cuts through the trees

or go through a tunnel.
This is a train that runs on an abandoned railroad track.
il trail

No, electric assist on the rail of the abandoned line

Run with a bicycle!

​Four-seater bicycle that even families can enjoy

We also have a car!

Hida Great Limestone Cave(10 minutes by car)

Hida Great Limestone Caveis located between Hida Takayama and Okuhida Onsengo, and has a total length of about 800m.It is one of the best sightseeing limestone caves in Japan with an abundance of attractions. At an altitude of 900m, it is the highest tourist limestone cave in Japan.Because of its location, the average temperature inside the cave is around 12°C throughout the year.


old town(30 minutes by car)

"The old townscape is the main sightseeing spot in Hida Takayama! It takes about 12 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Station. Sake breweries from the Edo period and oldA café in a renovated private house and a variety store remain, making it easy to stroll aroundIt's a new area. In addition, there are plenty of places to eat while walking, and you can feel the history while walking and eating.

Shirakawa-go gassho-zukuri village
(1 hour by car

WhiteThe Ogimachi district of Kawago is known for its gassho-zukuri villages, and in 1995It has been registered as a World Heritage Site (Cultural Heritage) in Suko.
Today, the Hagimachi district of 114 houses and a 150-year-old gassho-zukuri style is still used as a place for daily life.
There is value in where it is used as
Today, it is a popular destination for foreign tourists.

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